my work

Here's a summary of my work so far.

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Readflow is an article summarization service based on a large language model.

I am responsible for the crawler service and AI services on backend, primarily focused on crawling and analyzing article content. My role involves addressing limitations related to context in large language models, resolving issues with illusions, and enhancing output performance.

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Team Lead

RingCentral Video is a comprehensive video conferencing solution designed for businesses and organizations seeking efficient and effective communication tools. It offers high-quality video and audio conferencing capabilities, enabling users to connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. This platform integrates seamlessly with various devices and operating systems, ensuring accessibility and user-friendliness.

I lead the team responsible for the development of mobile of meeting products, including audio and video control, screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, in-meeting chat, and file sharing and other functions.

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Software Engineer

Meitu is an image processing software that can be used in life and office. It has professional functions and simple operation.

Mainly responsible for the development of Meitu Xiuxiu's iOS client and participated in the construction of Meitu community from scratch. 2014 was the year when Apple released Swift, and as an evangelist, I promoted the use of Swift language within the company, making Meitu Xiuxiu's iOS codebase one of the first to be developed using Swift. It also gained recognition from Apple officials and became a case study for Apple's official promotion of Swift language.